ENGL 22 Hiltner F23


$ 34.00
ENGL 22 Hiltner F23

Choose a Hard Copy (PICKUP), or Hard Copy (shipped) F2023 Course Reader

Hard Copy (PICKUP): STUDENTS MUST PICK UP READER IN STORE, AND HEREBY AGREE TO DO SO! Readers will be ready for pickup within one (1) business day of purchaseWITHOUT a follow-up notification email being sent. Come to the front counter of SBprinter.com at the UCen, in Bldg 558 Rm 2345 Ucen Rd. | Santa Barbara, CA 93106, with order confirmation email, either digital or printed, that shows customer name and four (4) digit order number. The student agrees to pick up their reader; readers will be held for pickup until the end of the quarter for which they were purchased.

Hard Copy (shipped): Shipping in one (1) business day. Shipping Charges: Price shows cost of reader plus cost for shipping in the U.S.A.; International Shipping (outside of U.S.A): You will see an additional shipping charge of $20. If the shipping cost to your address is in excess of $20, you will receive a separate invoice to cover the extra cost.  We ONLY charge the actual shipping costs, with NO mark up. Your hard copy reader will ship as soon as this additional invoice is paid. You may be provided digital access to an online copy, if available, for 1-2 months, to allow time for your reader to arrive in the mail.

(this time window accounts for the hours we are closed, sleeping, working on other readers, dealing with the pandemic, etc. thank you for your patience and understanding)

(no refunds or cancellations)